An integrated view of fish discards
off Galicia and Cantabrian Sea


The project

MAPDESCAR is a research project entitled "Atlas de los descartes de la flota de arrastre y enmalle en el caladero nacional Cantábrico-Noroeste" (Atlas of fish discards of the trawl and driftnet fishing fleet in the Northeast Cantabrian National fishing ground).

This is a project carried out by Instituto Español de Oceanografía and co-financed by Fundación Biodiversidad (Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio ambiente) in the Grant Call for making collective actions driven to protect and grow the aquatic flora and fauna, co-financed by FEP 2007-2013.
The scope of the project is to build a tool that will facilitate characterizing fish discards in the Northeast Cantabrian National fishing ground. The Atlas comprises a web tool to plot maps after selection of specie, fishing art and year.
The project employs scientific data recorded by observers working on-board commercial vessels who have collaborated with the Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO). The information is analyzed by the IEO to:
  1. Characterize fish discards along last years and plot spatio-temporal maps in the Northeast Cantabrian National fishing ground.
  2. Get an approach to main causes that may explain fish discards intensity and its impact in terms of biomass and biodiversity on the trawl and driftnet fishing fleet in the Northeast Cantabrian National fishing ground.
The Atlas allows to establish the bases for elaborating the fish discards plans and the long-term fishing plans, requirement of the new Common Fisheries Policy.
The project attempts to reinforce the cooperation among scientists and the fishing sector, with the collaboration of fishermen, associations and regional consultant committees.

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Without forgetting the invaluable collaboration of observers, shipowners and fishermen



Fisheries observers serve onboard commercial fishing vessels to collect data and biological samples, making an invaluable work that contributes to a better understanding of fisheries and marine biodiversity.



Shipowners, captains and fishermen collaborate with us to make possible the recording of data onboard and participating in the biologic and fisheries studies done by the Instituto Español de Oceanografía. To all of them, THANKS!


Collaborate with your biodiversity data to the project. Have you found an unknown or rare species? Submit your data and a photo through the form and we will contact you.

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